Founded in 2006 for rendering tower services to Turkcell, Global Tower has added all fixed and mobile operators to its portfolio of customers today. Being capable of providing all the infrastructure needs of telecommunication operators, Global Tower is able to offer much diversified infrastructure services to its customers in line with their needs. The services offered by Global Tower to operators;

  • Site acquisition and contract management services
  • Site installation services
  • Site maintenance services
  • Shared container and air-conditioning solutions 
  • Infrastructure engineering and design services
  • Existing tower and on-building portfolio
  • Mobile tower capabilities
  • Access to site within 45 minutes
  • Energy transmission line solutions 
  • DC power management systems (rectifier, accumulator)
  • Fixed/mobile generator services
  • Hybrid system solutions with solar /wind energy
  • Earthing and lightning protection systems 
  • BTS & antenna and installations