Creative Solutions

Global Tower carries out R&D operations in order to enhance the quality of the work it performs, shorten the business processes and meet the expectations of its customers. Within this scope, the following products were designed and are being in current works. 

Solar Panel Tower

By mounting solar panels on suitable towers, it contributes to reducing the energy costs of the operators, prolonging the battery life and reducing the usability problem. At the same time, an eco-friendly solution that saves money is also presented

Patented Products


Catwalk is a mobile/portable product mounted readily to tower structure of every stage desired on lattice towers and being in compliance with basic standards in occupational health and safety laws. Thanks to the said product, catwalk applications being permanent and with high cost have been given up to allow for savings at significant rate. Besides, thanks to easy and swift installation thereof, it has been noted as an innovative product making a difference in meeting the needs of the sector. 

Composite Tower

Using glass reinforced polyester (Cam Takviyeli Polyester (CTP), the first GSM tower in Turkey was constructed. Again using the same material, lighting pole was manufactured to be the first pole used in GSM sector. 

Shared Container

One of the features strengthening the existence of Global Tower in tower industry is that it has the potential to develop and put into operation the infrastructure being able to offer service to more than one operator at the same location. Shared container is one of the most creative R&D operations carried out on subject and, thanks to this product, the company hosts all the ventilation systems and functionalities together in a less area and offers the most optimal infrastructure service to new and/or existing participants on subjects of energy, etc.

Telescopic Tower

The teams of Global Tower have signatures on this unique R&D work making a difference not only with its engineering level, but also its level of harmony with the environment, having the characteristic of a revolution on subject of “Quick Installation” which we may call to be one of those having the utmost priority sometimes among the needs of the sector. 

Tower Inquiry Programs

These programs are the software developed totally by Global Tower engineers and having their peers only in several countries abroad. Thanks to this software, one gets the idea about the behaviors of towers under existing or additional antennas and important decisions are able to be made quickly. 

Concrete Tower

A reinforced concrete tower is being used on the network by being developed by Global Tower with telecommunication purpose for the first time in Turkey.