Quality Policy

We, as Global Tower, the leading tower company in Turkey, undertake;

  • Ensuring the continually increasing satisfaction of our shareholders, employees, suppliers and society by realizing balanced outcomes with management of the system we established based on Total Quality Management approach according to our priorities to realize our vision and mission,
  • Improving the quality of our processes, products and services on a continual basis,
  • Understanding the expectations of our customers correctly and meeting such expectations with high quality products and services,
  • Complying with the conditions referred to in laws and, for this purpose, monitoring the related legal requirements closely on subjects concerning our activities and keeping such information up-to-dated in a systematic way,
  • Adapting the developments in tower sector being our area of activity to our body and determining quality targets, announcing the same and reviewing the efficiency of our management system and developing the same on a continual basis,
  • Fulfilling the applicable requirements.