Global Tower has been rendering services since 2006 to all GSM operators, fixed operators, TV and radio broadcasters and service providers by means of towers in its existing portfolio or those towers to be newly constructed. 

Global Tower offers service with its expert and experienced team in all processes from field research to acquisition of field by obtaining the necessary permits, from installation and assembly of the tower and all the systems thereon to their monthly periodical maintenance and dismantling the tower at the end of its service life. These services are offered not only within the boundaries of Turkey, but also in the region’s geography.   

There are any kinds of towers in our portfolio as monopole, lattice, totem and guyed tower. We may also come across new towers being our own design in line with the expectations of our customers and costs. We even add innovative products such as telescopic tower, composite tower to our portfolio as a result of our R&D operations. Our vision expands continually as well with the time progressing and comes to the position to be able to render service to different sectors. With our tower portfolio, we are in the position to be able to render service to many sectors and to evaluate our towers with joint use. For all systems comprising meteorological measurement stations, security, emergency communication, mobile electronic system integration and smart city systems the number of which increases today, there is a need for certain height. New towers may be installed based on location or towers in the existing portfolio may also be installed for this purpose and provide great benefits in terms of cost. 

Our Tower Portfolio


Lattice towers are galvanized steel towers with three or four legs, multiple points and multiple elements being capable of supporting many antennas. Their heights vary between 15 and 100 meters and are 51 meters on average. The antenna capacities designed vary between 5 m2 and 20 m2.


Monopole towers have been developed as an alternative to lattice towers and their characteristic features are their galvanized steel structures and fine designs. The designed antenna capacities for monopole towers vary between 5m2 and 10m2. They are installed at heights between 12m – 36m.Steel monopole towers have been designed for one or two tenants and are generally available in urban areas and suburbs. Concrete monopole towers have been designed for one or two tenants and are generally available in urban areas. The distinctive features of this type of tower is that standard prefabricated monopole is used.  


Totems are decorative towers of camouflage type consisting of tubular poles. For totem poles, there are various decoration types such as advertisement, pine and palm trees. Their heights vary generally between 12m and 33m and average height is 20 meters. The antenna capacity designed for the totem towers varies between 3 m2 and 25 m2. 

Mobile Tower

Mobile towers are galvanized steel poles on containers of 2x2 on trailers. They are generally used for temporary needs. The height of mobile towers is 24-30-40 meters. Their designed antenna capacity is 2 m2. 

Guyed Tower

Guyed towers are metal structures the weight of which has been reduced and which has been stretched with metal ropes. As of 30 June 2006, the heights of guyed poles vary between 30 and 70 meters and their average height is 53 meters. The designed antenna capacity of guyed towers varies between 3.5 m2 and 5 m2.