Satellite and Communication Services

Global Tower provides data transmission service over satellites in Turkey, Balkans, the Middle East and CIS. Satellite Communication service offers flexible satellite communication solutions for the need of customer in any geographies where terrestrial infrastructure is not available or with backup purposes. 

Areas of use of satellite system

  • Intranet applications (ftp, mail, etc.)
  • SCADA and telemetry applications
  • Data network backup
  • VOIP
  • IP POS data transfer
  • Pump, tank automation at gas stations, end of day
  • GSM Backhauling for operators 
  • Mobile Branch Applications, Branch Backups and Mobile ATM
  • Mobile broadcasting connection for TVs and radios 
  • Distance education 

VSAT Solutions 

VSAR terminals are satellite terminals used for point to point or point to multiple point communication, which are suitable for both private and business purpose uses. VSAT system ensures two-way satellite communications between geographically remote points which are not supported by “central earth station” (Hub station) and terrestrial infrastructure and supports many services such as video conference, internet, intranet, etc. by means of this system and allow for different network designs based on customer needs. 

Thanks to the satellite service, Global Tower provides capacity and cost advantage with the wide geographical coverage area. It ensures high continuity rate with an uptime of 99.5% compared to terrestrial infrastructures. It offers reliable data transmission by means of the infrastructure and customer services monitored on a 7/24 basis with its quick installation and after-installation service opportunity everywhere in Turkey. 

It also ensures Ku band closed circuit flexible, uninterrupted and secure data communication opportunity to its customers over existing HUBs with its geographically redundant structure. By means of the VSAT system installed, the necessary infrastructure for many different applications such as transmission of any kind of data, common announcement voice transmission, video conference, VoIP, ERP, SAP, etc. is also ensured simultaneously. 

SCPC Solutions 

A point to point or point to multi-point structure may be established or a network type structure between points without center may also be established. On system installed in a network type structure, every point is able to communicate with other point directly, which is called SCPC (Single Channel per Carrier) and no HUB infrastructure is needed. There is fixed capacity between two points and this is preferred at locations where operational continuity is critical. 

Advantages of SCPC system

  • Easy and secure technology 
  • Compatible with all band widths (64 kbit/s – 50 Mbit/s)
  • Easy adaptation to other services