Creative Solutions

Global Tower performs research and development works to improve the quality of its works, shorten the process time, and meet its customers’ demands. In this regards, products below are designed and used:

Patent Applications

Catwalk: It’s a mobile/portable product that could be installed to any type of tower in any height/level and is legally compatible with the Occupational Health and Safety Laws. Thanks to the product mentioned above, permanent and high-cost catwalk applications are no longer used, which provides great amount of saving. In addition, it’s a difference-making and innovative product in meeting the sector’s demands since it can be installed easily and quickly.

Composite Tower: It’s the first tower made of “Glass-added Polyester/CTP” in our country, which has some advantages over steel that has been the dominating production material and used for a long time. Being first in our country, “Monopoly Tower Wind Test” works were performed successfully as a part of this work and “Composite Tower” works that are performed in foreign countries with exorbitant sums are performed with the help of Turkish engineers, which is a great R&D success.

Shared Container: One of the most important features that makes Global Tower’ stronger in tower sector is that it has potential to provide infrastructure services to more than one operator in the same location. It’s one of the most creative R&D works on this topic. With the help of this technic which is in the scope of Global Tower engineering and solution-oriented policies, it’s possible to provide optimum infrastructure services to new or current customers and keep air-conditioning and other functions together by using minimum place.

Telescopic Tower: Being designed by Global Tower team, Telescopic tower is a revolutionary tower in the matter of “Quick Installation” which is one of the most important demands of the sector and it makes difference with not only its engineering level but also its environmentally-friendliness.

Tower Scrutiny Softwares: They are softwares that were developed by Global Tower engineers and the likes of them could be found only in a few countries. With the help of these softwares, we can gain information about how towers perform under existing or additional aerials, which helps us decide quickly in some situations.

Tower Reposition Kit: It’s a system of kits that could respond in any field condition. It could reposition the towers that are deflected because of any reason without any other kits or support.