Human Resources


Our Purpose regarding Salary and Extra Advantages Process;
Is to support Global Tower’s vision and strategies, to reward the “high performance” of our employees regarding the responsibilities they take, their experience and education; to be fair and innovative, and to recognize our employees’ needs. Employee salaries are updated annually every March, regarding the corporate balance, individual performances, salary explorations, our targets in the sector and economic-indicators. In virtue of our Salary and Extra Advantages Policy, we follow the market closely and evaluate salaries regarding our leading position in this sector. We encourage our employees by rewarding their high performance.

Global Tower Salary Management Principles
Macro economic-indicators, salary evaluations, a work evaluation system, and a skill and performance management process are the factors that determine our Salary Management Process.

Constant Payments
Employees are salaried with 12 wages/year

Extra Payments
Apart from constant payments our company provides extra payments. Extra payments are determined due to performance of the company and the employee.

Extra Advantages

Our Extra Advantage Policy consists of 2 categories:

  • Basic Extra Advantages
  • Flexible Extra Advantages (Flex Menu)

Extra Advantages We Provide To Our Employees

  • Health and Life Insurance
  • Individual Retirement
  • Lunch Voucher
  • GSM Sim card & Phone
  • Birthday leave
  • Kindergarten help for female workers with children aged 2-5 years
  • Extra day-off separate from annual leave (for the employees that have been working for at least 3 years)